Baby Shower Candy Bars

A candy buffet adds color and decoration to a baby shower while offering a different twist on dessert. The candy also can serve as the favors for the guests if you allow each person to scoop up and taking home her favorite candies. The details make the difference between a table with a few bowls of candy and a noteworthy candy buffet.

Candy Types

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Like a food buffet, a candy buffet should offer a variety of flavors and types. Not only does this allow guests to find something they like, but it also makes the table more inviting. If possible, choose candy in a few specific colors that match other aspects of the shower decorations. For example, at a baby shower for a girl, use pink, white and purple candy. Bulk candy stores often sell candy by color, making it easier to achieve a color-coordinated look. Sweet treats to consider include mints, chocolates, gummy candies, hard candies, candy sticks, rock candy and chocolate bars.


Glass or clear plastic containers show off the candy, making the display more decorative. Matching containers aren't necessary for the candy buffet; use different sizes, shapes and designs of containers to make a visually interesting display. Glass jars with lids work well for candies that aren't wrapped. Use containers you already own, or ask friends if they have jars you can borrow. Even old food jars or mason jars can work for the display. A ribbon tied around some of the containers adds more decoration to the table. Coordinating labels on every jars ties the design together.


Place the colorful jars of candy in a decorated display area to make them stand out. Start with a tablecloth to cover the display surface. A solid color that coordinates with the general shower color scheme is ideal. Arrange the jars so they can all be reached easily by guests. Varying the heights of jars adds interest. You want the table to look full without large spaces between items. If your candy jars don't take up the whole display area, add other decorative elements such as stuffed animals, photos or flowers. Place a basket of small candy boxes or cellophane bags on one end of the table so guests can take their selections home.


Place all of the candy in the jars and do a test run of the layout before the day of the event. The jars and table look best when full, so the test run allows you to determine if you need more candy or display pieces. Provide a scoop, spoon or tongs for any candy that isn't wrapped to avoid spreading germs. If kids are at the shower, station an adult near the candy buffet to avoid hands in the candy or tipped jars.

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